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“As for those Dufour hors d’oeuvres – earthy wild mushrooms with crunchy walnuts, creamy mascarpone enlivened with Roquefort, Thai flavored Chinese cabbage with peanuts or those black beans – the only problem is you will want to taste one of each!” – The New York Times

“The most buttery and flaky pastry you will ever find ” – Details

“Oh and about that crust, I suggest you splurge on all butter puff pastry: Dufour Pastry Kitchens makes perfect frozen puff pastry!” – The New York Times

“We buy Pastry Shells from Dufour Pastry Kitchens – They’re phenomenal and we couldn’t possibly be bothered to bake our own.” Serena Bass – Food & Wine

“If you’re really pressed for time, you can substitute store–bought traditional puff pastry in those recipes; for the best results, though; use a quality brand like Dufour” – Saveur

“To save money or time, buy ready to heat appetizers – try Dufour Pastry Kitchens hors d’oeuvres” – In Style

“One brand of Puff Pastry Dough that works extremely well is from Dufour Pastry Kitchens” – The New York Times

“We like classic Puff Pastry from Dufour Pastry Kitchens” – Saveur

“The diminutive nature of Dufour Pastry Kitchens’ savory tarts – they’re finger food – in no way diminishes the impression they make.” – Diversion

“Like Many Chefs I use Dufour, an all butter brand of Puff Pastry sold in specialty markets” – Wylie Dufresne – The New York Times

“I deserve a break with my pastry – there are some really good products available today – like Dufour ” – Taste

“Dufour make fabulous frozen hors d’oeuvres!” – Town & Country


2015 sofi™


Outstanding Foodservice

1 1/2″ Traditional Tart Shells

2019 NASFT sofi SILVER WINNER – Pre-made

2014 NASFT sofi SILVER FINALIST – Outstanding Classic

2011 NASFT sofi GOLD WINNER – Outstanding Frozen Savory

2011 NASFT sofi SILVER FINALIST – Outstanding Classic

2011 NASFT sofi SILVER FINALIST – Outstanding Perishable Foodservice Product

2007 NASFT WINNER – Outstanding Frozen Savory

2005 NASFT FINALIST – Outstanding Snack Food Or Hors D’oeuvres

2001 NASFT FINALIST – Outstanding Snack Food, Hors D’oeuvre Or Salsa

1998 NAWBO-NYC – NYC Women Business Owner of the year.

1998 NASFT FINALIST – Outstanding Snack Food Hors D’oeuvre Or Salsa

1997 CRAIN’S NEW YORK BUSINESS – Small Business Award

1997 NASFT WINNER – Outstanding Baked Good Bread, Grain Or Cereal

1997 NASFT FINALIST – Outstanding Snack Food Hors D’oeuvre Or Salsa

1996 NASFT FINALIST – Oustanding New Product

1996 NASFT FINALIST – Outstanding Snack Food Hors D’oeuvre Component Or Salsa

1993 NASFT FINALIST – Outstanding Hors D’oeuvres Or Snack Food

1992 NASFT WINNER – Outstanding Food Service Product

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